This article (and accompanying video )is about gender perceptions of young children. The children were asked to draw pictures of Firefighters,Surgeons and Pilots, the children drew men in these roles. The teacher asked them if they would like to meet a firefighter, surgeon and pilot who all turned out to be women.The article and video show on a very real level how perceptions of gender roles by children are still very much based on media stereotypes. I think this video would be an excellent addition to an assembly on International Women’s Day or as a basis fro some PSHE work.

Read the Daily Mail Article here 

International World Women’s Day happens on the 8 March 2017. It is a day to celebrate and remember  that women have played a huge part in creating our world. You can search my site for all the resource links I have for women in education – I am always adding to this resource as there is a real need to celebrate women’s achievements and for young women to develop an academic voice, especially when it comes to educating young women, by clicking here.

Great site called This Website  looks like a very rich resource for gender study and has many links to important moments in our history and explores the gender implications of these events. One to Bookmark!

To learn more about the day itself and how you can contribute visit the International Women’s Day Website

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