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World Women’s Day 8 March 2017 Resources

This article (and accompanying video )is about gender perceptions of young children. The children were asked to draw pictures of Firefighters,Surgeons and Pilots, the children drew men in these roles. The teacher asked them if they would like to meet a firefighter, surgeon and pilot who all turned out to be women.The article and video show on a very real level how perceptions of gender roles by children are still very much based on media stereotypes. I think this video would be an excellent addition to an assembly on International Women’s Day or as a basis fro some PSHE work.

Read the Daily Mail Article here 

International World Women’s Day happens on the 8 March 2017. It is a day to celebrate and remember  that women have played a huge part in creating our world. You can search my site for all the resource links I have for women in education – I am always adding to this resource as there is a real need to celebrate women’s achievements and for young women to develop an academic voice, especially when it comes to educating young women, by clicking here.

Great site called This Website  looks like a very rich resource for gender study and has many links to important moments in our history and explores the gender implications of these events. One to Bookmark!

To learn more about the day itself and how you can contribute visit the International Women’s Day Website

Womens History Month USA

Why the lack of Women in Science from the Telegraph

Whats it like for Women in Science? The BBC

Resources from WISE People like me

“Hidden Figures” highlighting the black women vital to the U.S. space program

The film “Hidden Figures” highlights the work of “..Black female mathematicians performed essential calculations to safely send astronauts to and from Earth’s surface — in defiance of flagrant racism and sexism..”

News clip from The Daily Dot

Why the lack of Women in Science from the Telegraph

Whats it like for Women in Science? The BBC

Resources from WISE People like me

Teachers Calendar March & April

Teachers Calendar March & April Teaching Ideas and Resources on this site.


1 March St Davids Day search this site for St Davids Day 

Women’s History Month free resources form this site!

Free Frame Border for March with Daffodils

2 March Happy Birthday Doctor Seuss

2 March search this site for World Book Day Resources here: World Book Day 2017

Free World Book Day Frame

8 March International Womens Day some links from this blog

13th March:Resources From Activity Village Holi and search this site for some great activities and videos to play in assembly here

17 March Lots of St Patricks Day Resources from this blog!

Iranian or Persian New Year will be on 20th March 2017.

Iranian New Year Nowuz

24 March 2017 Comic Relief official Site

20 – 26 March 2017 Shakespeare Week official Site

St Davids Day free resources link

26th March:Mother’s Day (UK) Resources From this site



April Free resources Links

April 1 April Fools  Are you an April Fool?

16 April Easter Resources, Search my site for Easter Resources

Free Recycling Activities for Easter free resources link

10th – 18th April: Passover

14th April:Find out about this Punjab Festival from Activity Village Vaisakhi

21st April: The Queen’s Birthday (actual)

22nd April: Earth Day

23rd April: St George’s Day

23rd April Shakespeares’ Birthday search this site for some Shakespeare activities here

April 27 2017 Girls in ICT Day


Ramadam  happens at the end of May this year here some Ramadam Resources from this site.

Econofun new boardgame for A Level Economics Students.

serenapatelEconofun is a game for A level economics students which my daughter’s  friend Serena invented when she was at school. After sitting their GCSES the students had to continue to attend until the end of the summer term but could start work on their own projects whatever they wanted, be it a painting, film, a book or in Serena’s case a game. Serena has worked on this project for over 4 years and it is finally available on her website! Well done Serena i am very proud of you and well done to the school for being open and encouraging these young women to develop their own ideas into fully fledged projects. Please like and share!



Girls in ICT Day 2017 April 27

Looking forward to Girls in ICT Day…

Organizing an event to celebrate the Girls in ICT Day is a worthwhile effort. It is our chance to raise awareness about the opportunities of the ICT sector and empower girls and young women with the knowledge that careers in ICT can be for themMoregirlsinictday.png


Ada Lovelace Resources

Brain Pop is a site you have to pay for but it has a lot of free resources
including this on women in science and the fabulous Ada Lovelace!

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