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Free Barbara Hepworth Teaching Resources

Happy Birthday Barbara Hepworth 10 January 1903 – 20 May 1975, a British Artist and Sculptor. Explore Barbara's garden interactive game from the Tate Kids website Barbara Hepworth Tate Teachers Pack PDF Download Barbara Hepworth Sense of Place Teaching ideas and... Continue Reading →

Econofun new boardgame for A Level Economics Students.

Econofun is a game for A level economics students which my daughter's  friend Serena invented when she was at school. After sitting their GCSES the students had to continue to attend until the end of the summer term but could... Continue Reading →

Family Math Night & Free PDF Resources

Why not host a Family Math Night? This site has lots of ideas on how to arrange one. There is also a useful list of PDFs and Videos to help you to refresh your memory on particular maths subjects and... Continue Reading →

Equivalent Fractions! Genius!

Ada Lovelace Resources

Brain Pop is a site you have to pay for but it has a lot of free resources including this on women in science and the fabulous Ada Lovelace!

Free Halloween Symmetry

Nice large worksheets for Symmetry and a Halloween Activity as well!

Interactive Clock

Needed a quick online interactive clock today, this one is good also does fractions and angles!

Maths Vocabulary worksheets and flashcards

EAL Students may seem as if they are struggling with Maths, but sometimes this is down to the fact that their Maths Vocabulary has not sufficiently developed. Here are a few sites that have simple worksheets that the children can... Continue Reading →

Splash Maths Tutorials on You Tube

Splash Maths is a learning software  for children who have limited mobility and who don't find it easy to write in their maths books. It comes with all sorts of tools to make geometric patterns and to fill out numbers on... Continue Reading →

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