Today is National Umbrella Day (Who Knew?)

Here is a list of resources and links looking at the rain, here is the trailer from the fantastic “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”

Feeling Hot and Cold is PDF Teachers Download from the Kennedy Centre , it uses clouds and the rain in  art and science activities.

Science and the Rain Resources

from the BBC KS1 The Characteristics of Materials

ubrellasdisplayArt and Umbrellas Resources

The Umbrellas by Renoir shows a bustling Parisian street scene. The raised umbrellas suggest that rain is falling, although the woman in the centre with the raised profile and lowered umbrella, shows that the rain has either just stopped, or is about to begin.Some links on The Umbrellas By Auguste Renoir

The Umbrellas by Renoir Teaching Notes PDF Download from The National Gallery

Paint and Colour Lesson with Infants to 2nd Classes ‘Bright, Colourful Umbrellas’ PDF Download Teachers Notes