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March 2016

What is Dyslexia like?

This is a great post, a programmer has made a page to show how Dyslexics experience reading. Click here to have a look!

5 Great Victorian Thaumatrope Links

Thaumatropes are so great  to make in my animation class. Cutting a perfect circle isn't easy so I did a search for circular scissors and bought a couple of pairs for the toolbox and  we were able to recycle christmas... Continue Reading →

Traditional Story Labels and other labels

This is a great activity for Early Years or SEN to label either The Three Little Pigs or Cinderella and then print out the Activity. This page also has a labeling  Aliens, Fruit and classroom objects, all great for teaching... Continue Reading →

Some great links for Easter Activities with Children

Some great links for Easter Activities ! Great recycling crafts for children!  Lots ideas for how to reuse packaging and paper party supplies to make fun Easter characters. This site has 42 ideas for Easter Crafts to make for the... Continue Reading →

People with Linguistics Degrees can’t help with my son’s homework!

Great article regarding the Year 6 Teaching of SATs from Michael Rosen: "Yesterday, I put up a question that was in my son's Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar homework for the holiday. It's a photocopy of what looks like a previous... Continue Reading →

Celts and Gundestrup Cauldron Drawings | Ed Boxall

Just lovely drawings from Ed Boxall who is an artist and educator. There are lots of ideas regarding learning about the Celts on his blog.

6 Reasons to Reject Class Dojo for the love of learning

I wanted to find out more about Class Dojo and a search came up with this article. I am still investigating wether we should have it for the school, I love the graphics?  Watch this space

Free Spring Time frame download

Here is a nice Spring Time frame border I created. Please feel free to download. it has a transparent centre so you can import it into a word Document and import a picture, send the picture behind the frame! Et... Continue Reading →

My Space Place

  This is a lovely site with lots of interesting facts about the planets and space from NASA and some great interactive games! It also has some ideas for teachers and educators!

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