Buddha Day / Wesak / Visakha Puja / Vaisakha May (full moon day)
An important festival because on this day the Lord Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and died. All three of these significant events fell on the same day.

In the UK and other Western countries, Wesak is often called Buddha Day. Buddhists go to a temple or monastery. They listen to a talk by the monks about Buddha’s life and Enlightenment. They often repeat mantras and meditate. Many Buddhists give each other cards and presents.

In Thailand, the Wesak festival is called Vaisakha. People listen to monks giving talks about the life of Buddha. The shrines in the temples are beautifully decorated. A special part of the festival is at night, when the statue of Buddha is taken outside. People walk around it three times, carrying candles. They pour scented water over the statue.

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