January is national soup month, who knew? However it does makes sense in these colder months to settle down with a nice warming bowl of soup.

The story of “Stone Soup” is a wonderful story about the community  working together and sharing. It tells the story of two strangers who come into town and announce to the villagers that they can make a soup out of one stone.

In her stone-soup-a-lesson-in-sharing,  Amanda Morgan illustrates how to use the story of Stone Soup to engage the children in sharing activities and lists other food related activities, it  also has a great quick recipe for soup!

Lots of lovely ideas to make collages using images of vegetables and a soup plate from Preschool Express


Here is a Stone Soup simple wordsearch

Here is a printable mini book  of the story to colour in different sizes from Twisty Noodle.

Lots of free activities on Stone Soup here at the Happy Housewife.


Here is a link bitsofpositivity and ideas of how to use  childrens books to raise awareness about Hunger.

I am off to make myself a warming bowl of soup now. Here’s a selection of quick and easy soup recipes from Netmums!

Happy National Soup Month!