“A thimbleful of red is redder than a bucketful.” Henri Matisse French Fauvist Painter and Sculptor, 1869-1954 Happy Birthday Henri Matisse!

Henri Mattisse was born on 31 December 1869 in Northern France.

Click Here for an interactive Flash Game showing Mattisse’s technique. Click on the objects for a detailed examination of Mattisse’s craft.

Here is a brief biography of Matisse from  The Art Story.

matisse-cookieHere are some lesson plans for art lessons on Henri Matisse from Making Art Fun. 


Matisse was famous for his Cut Out Paintings using blocks of strong colours. This work offers lots of possibilities to be creative out of recycled materials especially in the classroom. These activities also get children thinking about colour, shape and form. This link from Deep Space Sparkle shows how scraps of paper have been use to build up a background based on Matisse’s painting “The Dancers”. Another site I found to make recylced Matisse Collages was at The Crafty Classroom