Had a great day at the BETT 2017 show and met a very interesting woman. We got chatting about MOOC, MOOC stands for Massive Open Online  Course and quite simply it is a list of Universities  and colleges which offer online courses for free. Here are some links to the best!

The MOOC List is a list of MOOCs offered by the Best Universities and Entities. MOOC List

https://www.coursera.org.  I haven’t looked too deeply into it but on the surface it appears to offer short online courses from the likes of Standford, Yale and many other universities around the world. I will certainly be signing up! Check it out at the link below!


Whilst looking around I also found this link The 10 Best Sites for Taking Free English Courses Online which also looks like a great idea!

Keep revisiting for an updated list!Thanks Catherine for letting me know all about this site, hope you made your dinner appointment and are enjoying your google goghles. I tried mine they are fantastic! xx