This course is very simple to use and would make a great addition to any club or lesson teaching programming to children. It is a sequence of small animations showing how HTML code works and uses the idea of a simple menu to show how we can use TAGS  and attributes to code a simple webpage. It starts with a ‘sandwich’ and ends up being a a full menu; the full website. It uses the text from the Great Hall in Hogwarts as it’s inspiration.

The course is organised into simple 2 -3 minute lessons which you could easily show on a white board, the children can follow these steps using their laptops loaded with a simple app called  notepad ++ which you can download for PC for free from There are different options for MAC but the Notepad++ is the text editor that this lesson uses. Or you can use an online WYSYWYG such as Codepen.


I have been practising the course using an online Text Editor called html online because I cannot download Note++ on the Mac. How about going onto the Warner Brothers Harry Potter site to have a look at their dinner in The Great Hall event?