We have had great fun coding snowflakes in our code club too.

Rachel Wilson

Delectable Mountains 5 & 6


To be able to code has always been a dream of mine. I thought what a great skill it would be to possess it. But just look at it, it seems like a bunch of signs like <> these things, some brackets, a few semi-colons thrown in and finish with a whole lot of /. So eager to learn this foreign language, I set out to do one-hour of coding and to my delight it was fun, easy to follow and I came out really enjoying that hour that I spent with Anna and Elsa. It was so good in fact that I almost forgot entirely that I was learning how to code as well. Genius.

So it’s safe to say, I got pretty carried away doing this task. I just wanted to make snowflake after snowflake. Trying all of the different patterns to see…

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