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Splash Maths Tutorials on You Tube

Splash Maths is a learning software  for children who have limited mobility and who don't find it easy to write in their maths books. It comes with all sorts of tools to make geometric patterns and to fill out numbers on... Continue Reading →

Nice site for online activities Nice site for quick online activities including phonics and maths all set out in grades

10 More 10 Less free online Maths Games    

Funny Friday. The wife of Pi

The wife of Pi.

Home School Maths Net This site is American and has customisable worksheets, lesson plans and online activities.

Toy Theatre Free Maths Games online

Great online maths games for Early Years or SEN. The games are colourful and intuitive and simple to understand.

Free Shapes to colour in

We needed some shaoes for the early years classes to colour in and foind a couple of sites that were ideal! On the Twisty Noodle Site you are able to customise the colouring in templates

Butterfly online Matching Activity

Number Line online Activity

This site isn't all singing and dancing but it shows quite simply how to use number lines up to 10.

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