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10 free resources for memory boosting and recall

Many children have difficulty when processing and lack short term memory skills. To boost these it is a good idea to give children simple memory games, for example get a couple of toys and ask your child to repeat a... Continue Reading →

What is Dyslexia like?

This is a great post, a programmer has made a page to show how Dyslexics experience reading. Click here to have a look!

Synthetic Phonics Games

Maths Vocabulary worksheets and flashcards

EAL Students may seem as if they are struggling with Maths, but sometimes this is down to the fact that their Maths Vocabulary has not sufficiently developed. Here are a few sites that have simple worksheets that the children can... Continue Reading →

Do you need some simple picture ¬†or photo cards in a hurry, for a one to one student or a small group to develop phonics or visual literacy? in a few minutes you can create a bank of words with... Continue Reading →

Nessy Reading programme for Dyslexia online!

Unfortunately we only have Nessy as a PC programme and this wont work on the Imacs, I had been trying to find something online to use as an alternative, but it really is such a great resource to use with... Continue Reading →

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