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Dolphin Watercolour

Simple watercolour idea to do with the early years. You can use a template or a hand drawn sketch. Draw your design on watercolour paper, paint around your design using water. Then gently drop paint  water and using a mixture... Continue Reading →

Top Cloze Activity makers online

You can just paste copied text in the box and select from a menu of different Cloze options. It can be printed off as a worksheet or saved as an HTML file and done interactively through a browser!

5 Great Victorian Thaumatrope Links

Thaumatropes are so great  to make in my animation class. Cutting a perfect circle isn't easy so I did a search for circular scissors and bought a couple of pairs for the toolbox and  we were able to recycle christmas... Continue Reading →

Free Spring Time frame download

Here is a nice Spring Time frame border I created. Please feel free to download. it has a transparent centre so you can import it into a word Document and import a picture, send the picture behind the frame! Et... Continue Reading →

Make your own Logo

A fun online activity using simple paint tools to create your own logo!

Free Valentines borders

Lovely free Valentines clip art and borders at classroom clip art  

free Borders, clip art and displays

Free Valentines Heart Template

A Valentines Heart to colour in From Crayola

Pig worksheets from grade 4

Nice PDF from Busy Barns farm with lots of pig based activities, including comprehensions, crosswords, missing words and labelling.

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