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The Victorian Workhouse Free Wordsearch printable

Click Here for a free A4 Victorian Workhouse Word Search high Resolution.


5 Great Victorian Thaumatrope Links

Thaumatropes are so great  to make in my animation class. Cutting a perfect circle isn’t easy so I did a search for circular scissors and bought a couple of pairs for the toolbox and  we were able to recycle christmas cards to make ours! Click on the PDF link below for intstructions!

“A thaumatrope is a toy that was popular in the 19th century. A disk with a picture on each side is attached to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers the two pictures appear to blend into one due to the persistence of vision “(Wiki)thaumatrope

Thaumatrope links


Victorian Thaumatropes

How to make a Thaumatrope

Wiki Link how to make a thaumatrope


Thaumatrope resources from the Glasgow Science Centre.

A great introduction to thaumatropes for young children from Whatwedoallday.

Bugs in a Jar thaumatrope with a template

Making a thaumatrope with a straw from What We Do All Day


More PDF Print outs of Thaumatrope  templates to try

Thamatrope handout from the Essanayfilm pdf download

BBC Victorian Games Handout and Download

Charles Dickens free resources

7 February is Charles Dickens’ Birthday, have a look at the BBC History Charles Dickens  site for lots of content on Charles Dickens, including videos, a biography section, a quiz and information on Victorian London. I live around the corner to St Lukes Church which is where the famous author Charles Dickens was married.

The Guardian has a great article and  educators links to Charles Dickens on its website, as it is an independent newspaper I have noticed that is asking for a contribution £5 to continue to produce their free content, which I think is a great idea to support press freedom.

Click here to download my simple Victorian Workhouse Wordsearch from this site.



Teachers Calendar February & March 2017

Teachers Calendar February & March Teaching Ideas and Resources on this site.


February is Bird Feeding Month

BBC Story Writing Competition 500 Words

7 February World E Safety Day search my site for E Safety Links

9-15 February Random Acts of Kindness Week Resources

7 February is Charles Dickens Birthday, have a look at the BBC History Charles Dickens  site for lots of content on Charles Dickens, including videos, a biography section and information on Victorian London. Search my site for more Victorian themed links

10 February Happy National Umbrella Day, featuring umbrellas in Art and Film and some Art and Science links on the weather.

Valentines Day Valentines’s Simple Wordsearch Do it yourself Heart Seed Favours

Valentines Borders Valentines Free Heart Template Valentines Science Nerds

28 February Fat Tuesday/ Shrove Tuesday activities and crafts


Free Frame Border for March with Daffodils

2 March Happy Birthday Doctor Seuss

2 March search this site for World Book Day Resources here: World Book Day 2017

Free World Book Day Frame

13th March:Resources From Activity Village Holi and search this site for some great activities and videos to play in assembly here

17 March Lots of St Patricks Day Resources from this blog!

Iranian or Persian New Year will be on 20th March 2017.

Iranian New Year Nowuz

24 March 2017 Comic Relief official Site

20 – 26 March 2017 Shakespeare Week official Site

St Davids Day free resources link

26th March: Mother’s Day (UK) Resources From Activity Village




April Free resources Links

April 1 April Fools  Are you an April Fool?

16 April Easter Resources, Search my site for Easter Resources

Free Recycling Activities for Easter free resources link

10th – 18th April: Passover

14th April:Find out about this Punjab Festival from Activity Village Vaisakhi

21st April: The Queen’s Birthday (actual)

22nd April: Earth Day

23rd April: St George’s Day

23rd April Shakespeares’ Birthday search this site for some Shakespeare activities here

April 27 2017 Girls in ICT Day


Ramadam  happens at the end of May this year here some Ramadam Resources from this site.



Free Writing Competition 2016

..”Since launching eight years ago, tens of thousands of children have battled it out to be crowned the National Young Writer of the Year. Last year the competition attracted over 14,000 young writers from across the nation and this year’s theme of ‘The Mash-up’ is anticipated to attract more entries than ever before.  Children are encouraged to write no more than 500 words and tell stories that ‘mash-up’ two genres. This could see a spaceman transported to Roman times, an alien in the lost city of Atlantis or a Victorian gentleman in the outback!.”…visit site

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