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Free Digital Parenting Magazine for E safety Day 2017

This magazine has some great articles to keep children safe online. We ordered 200 for our school and have sent the copies home with the older children. This is how to get hold of a copy:

Download for free
You can download the entire magazine for free online on the Vodafone Parents website, or by clicking this link:Digital Parenting Magazine

As well as this, the Vodafone Parents Section offers a comprehensive selection of articles, providing much of the same material, and more, organised in a clear and easily navigable way.

If you’d like a paper copy of the magazine, you can:

Resources for E Safety Week 2017

This site is divided into spaces for Parents, Teachers and Children and provides lots of information and activities on E Safety

Advice for KS2

E Safety Games

Tales of the road Road Safety


Tales of the Road is  a government site that has interactive and animated videos on how to stay safe on the road. This would be a lovely assembly and the children could follow this up online. It has beautifully eery children in the visual style of A Series of Unfortunate events, so I would suggest this would be suitable for ages 8 upwards.

Online Resources for Internet Safety Day

childsnetresourcesHere all the Resources you could need for Safer Internet Day

Teachers Calendar February & March 2017

Teachers Calendar February & March Teaching Ideas and Resources on this site.


February is Bird Feeding Month

BBC Story Writing Competition 500 Words

7 February World E Safety Day search my site for E Safety Links

9-15 February Random Acts of Kindness Week Resources

7 February is Charles Dickens Birthday, have a look at the BBC History Charles Dickens  site for lots of content on Charles Dickens, including videos, a biography section and information on Victorian London. Search my site for more Victorian themed links

10 February Happy National Umbrella Day, featuring umbrellas in Art and Film and some Art and Science links on the weather.

Valentines Day Valentines’s Simple Wordsearch Do it yourself Heart Seed Favours

Valentines Borders Valentines Free Heart Template Valentines Science Nerds

28 February Fat Tuesday/ Shrove Tuesday activities and crafts


Free Frame Border for March with Daffodils

2 March Happy Birthday Doctor Seuss

2 March search this site for World Book Day Resources here: World Book Day 2017

Free World Book Day Frame

13th March:Resources From Activity Village Holi and search this site for some great activities and videos to play in assembly here

17 March Lots of St Patricks Day Resources from this blog!

Iranian or Persian New Year will be on 20th March 2017.

Iranian New Year Nowuz

24 March 2017 Comic Relief official Site

20 – 26 March 2017 Shakespeare Week official Site

St Davids Day free resources link

26th March: Mother’s Day (UK) Resources From Activity Village




April Free resources Links

April 1 April Fools  Are you an April Fool?

16 April Easter Resources, Search my site for Easter Resources

Free Recycling Activities for Easter free resources link

10th – 18th April: Passover

14th April:Find out about this Punjab Festival from Activity Village Vaisakhi

21st April: The Queen’s Birthday (actual)

22nd April: Earth Day

23rd April: St George’s Day

23rd April Shakespeares’ Birthday search this site for some Shakespeare activities here

April 27 2017 Girls in ICT Day


Ramadam  happens at the end of May this year here some Ramadam Resources from this site.



Free Tynker Hour of Code Games

Recently Tynker have changed their site requiring a signup in order to play their simple Coding Games, its a real problem signing up for websites at school, there is the matter of time and of ESafety . The link below let’s you go directly to their free interactive games, which use Blockly,without signing in and are rated on scale of difficulty. Which are great and maybe considering in the future getting a whole club sign up.

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